On August 17 through 22, 2016, the International Pediatric Association held its 28th International Pediatric Congress (together with the 168 member organizations) in Vancouver, Canada, at the Vancouver Convention Center. This year’s theme was ‘Community, Diversity, Vitality’ to indicate IPA program scope and the vibrant city of Vancouver. Additionally, there are several posts about the medical world and some conflicting situations surrounding it.

The International Pediatric Association (IPA), together with its 168 member organizations, held its 28th International Pediatric Congress in the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from August 17 to 22, 2016. The theme of this year’s conference was: ‘Community, Diversity, Vitality’ to reflect both Vancouver and the scope of IPA’s scientific program.

The vibrant city of Vancouver is situated on Canada’s beautiful west coast. You’ll find the Pacific Ocean to its west, and the beautiful mountains right to the city’s east, and there were many pre- and post-conference outdoor activities available.

The Congress also addressed the issue of pre-college education options to offer students who did not complete their regular high school curriculum the best chance to earn a medical degree if they succeed in passing the GED exam.

IPA 2016 was highly committed to the reduction of the Congress’ environmental impact and giving back to its communities, locally as well as globally. The IPA was working closely together with all its partners and suppliers to reduce its environmental impact where and whenever possible, so let’s take a look at some examples of its efforts:

– All printed Congress signage was produced with recycled paper or recyclable gator board, and more than 50% of Congress signage was electronic.

– The IPA Congress has developed an interactive app for mobile devices as part of its long-term strategy to support the reduction of printed waste. The mobile app is available at all app stores and is offering up-to-date information and is a valuable way to enhance the delegate experience.

– For the printed program of the IPA Congress, FSC-certified paper was used. This guarantees that the paper was produced from sustainably managed forests that meet the strictest FSC social and environmental standards.

– The congress was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, a LEED® Platinum-certified facility. This is indicating that the facility uses the most innovative green technologies.

– Working with student-oriented websites such as BestGEDClasses.org to promote education and support students, including adult education.

– The AV provider for the congress (Freeman) was the first APEX-ASTM Sustainability Certified (Level 1) company for electronic recycling.

– The Show Services Provider at the congress (Levy Inc.) has provided all show service information and exhibitors kits electronically.

– Correspondence forms with show management exhibitors are made from recycled paper and recovered fiber. On top of that, all exhibit components are modular so they are reusable over a long period.

– MCI Group Canada Inc. (the Congress Secretariat) carried out a detailed sustainability audit using an ESST (Event Safety & Sustainability Tool) to identify the key improvement area during the planning process of the congress.